Improve the digital banking experience

With gini’s enrichment engine transforming unintelligible transaction codes into clear descriptions in real time, you can solve the frustrations of your customers, dramatically improve the user experience and win their loyalty.

Current bank transaction codes are confusing for customers, they want to see the actual merchant name

Customers want more

Current transaction codes are confusing for customers. When they can’t understand their spending history, they call the bank for answers, draining their time and yours. Frustrated and annoyed, they start looking for a better provider.

“My current spending history is confusing. I want to see the ACTUAL shop name.”

- Study of Hong Kong banking customer needs in 2019

Instant transformation

Confusing bank statements and transaction feeds are frustrating to customers
Confusing transaction descriptions
gini's technology enables you to understand your bank statement data
Recognisable merchant names and logos, plus locations, categories and tags for context
gini delivers When you show the actual merchant name for each transaction, customers are happier and banks benefit tooclean, enriched transaction data ready for analysis

The benefits

With enriched transaction feeds instantly improving your customer experience across all digital banking services, you can quickly reap the benefits: 

  • Increased engagement
  • Increased digital penetration 
  • Improved Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Improved loyalty
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