Personalise customer interactions at scale

Transaction data holds a wealth of insights which can be leveraged to personalise customer offers, experiences and interactions at scale.

Transaction data is a gold mine

Transactions are a valuable source of customer intelligence. Evaluating what, where, when and how your customers are spending makes it possible to predict demand.
By aggregating transactions from millions of customers, banks can see spending patterns, share of wallet, loan affordability, payment method preferences and more. And they can use this information to increase the lifetime value of each customer with precision targeting and efficient marketing.

Transaction data give you a more in-depth, holistic view of your customers
Trying to wrangle insights from vast quantities of raw transactions is an enormous challenge for banks

The challenge

Each piece of raw transaction data is made up of a complex web of information from different sources that often ends up as a garbled string of superfluous letters and numbers, rendering the data unintelligible. 

Trying to wrangle insights from a vast quantity of raw transactions is an enormous challenge for banks. So much so, that marketing teams must resort to using basic demographic data for segmentation, resulting in low conversion rates, missed revenue opportunities and unmet sales targets.

Until now.

The solution

Powered by machine learning, gini cleans and structures the unintelligible raw data and enriches it with the full merchant name, category, location and descriptive tags. 

This not only shortens the data preparation process from months to minutes, it also gives banks more to work with, making it easier to build an accurate 360-degree view of their customers.

gini's transaction enrichment solution delivers clean, structured, enriched data in minutes
The possibilities are endless
Building on the foundation of enriched transaction data provided by gini, banks can extract the deeper insights they need to:
You can use transaction data to predict demand
Predict demand
Where customers spent in the past tells you where they’ll spend in future.
You can use transaction data to capitlise on cross-selling opportunities
Capitalise on upselling and cross-selling opportunities
Promote related products and services based on what customers are buying.
You can use transaction data to determine the best time to send offers
Prompt sales with well-timed offers
Customer purchase sequences tell you when they’re most likely to act on an offer.
You can use transaction data to determine the users' preferred payment methods
Increase conversion with well-placed offers
Customer purchase methods tell you what channel to send offers through.
You can use transaction data to generate more revenue
Generate more revenue with efficient marketing
With the right data, you can put the right offer in front of the right customer at the right time.
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