Build better PFM tools faster

The best way to win the loyalty of your customers is to provide the kind of smart personal finance management (PFM) tools they can’t live without. With transaction enrichment taken care of by gini, you can beat the competition by building better PFM features faster.

From basic charts to complex apps, all great personal finance tools start with quality data

A foundation of quality data

From basic charts to complex apps, all great PFM tools start with quality data. And quality data starts with gini.  

Without context, your transaction data is meaningless. The additional data points surrounding each transaction are necessary to provide the rich features users expect. 

Powered by machine learning, gini’s enrichment engine does the heavy lifting for you, delivering a foundation of pre-processed, enriched data in real time, making it possible to launch your PFM tools in months, not years.

Better features

Enriched transaction data gives you a lot more to work with and makes it easier to build richer features that set your PFM tools apart from the rest.
Replace confusing transaction codes with recognisable merchant names and logos for at-a-glance understanding
Beautiful transaction feeds for at-a-glance understanding
Analyse spending by merchant and category with gini's transaction enrichment service
In-depth spending analysis by merchant and category
Get notified of upcoming expenses based on your spending history with enriched data from gini
Upcoming payment notifications based on recurring expenses

Empower your users with the clarity they need to achieve their financial goals

Create smart saving goal trackers that show you when to reign in your spending in order to achieve your goals
Smart saving goal trackers
Accurate 'left to spend' calculations, incorporating future expenses for easy money management
Accurate “left to spend” calculations, incorporating future expenses
Send well-timed personalised nudges and notifications to your customers' phones to prompt immediate action
Personalised nudges and notifications

Help your users stay on track and make better financial decisions

Better categories

From years of operating and refining one of the top personal finance apps in Asia, we’ve developed highly accurate, user-approved categories tailored to the Hong Kong market.
gini categorises spending based on user preferences, not merchant industries, for a better user experience
A better user experience
Categories based on user preferences, not merchant industries
gini categorises spending sub-brands not just conglomerages for greater categorisation accuracy
Greater accuracy
Categorises sub-brands as well as conglomerates, and merchant trade names rather than legal company names
gini categorises transactions even from small merchants that don't accept credit card payments
Greater coverage
Includes small vendors who don’t accept credit cards
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