Better data for better banks

gini delivers enriched transaction data for banks to extract the deeper insights they need to better engage their customers and sell more effectively.

gini's enrichment engine transforms transaction data in real-time
gini delivers clean, enriched transaction data ready for analysis

Data enrichment done for you

Powered by machine learning, our multi-tiered enrichment engine automates the data preparation process for banks and adds merchant-level context to billions of raw transactions in minutes.

  • Merchant trading name and logo
  • Location
  • Category
  • Descriptive tags
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Why gini

gini is the top data enrichment provider in Hong Kong
Built in Hong Kong, for Hong Kong

The most comprehensive bilingual Hong Kong merchant database in the world, covering even small local vendors.

gini's machine learning models have been trained on billions of transactions and counting
Continuously improving

Our machine learning models have been pre-trained on millions of transactions from all major banks.

gini's Hong Kong personal finance app has won multiple awards
Award-winning app

The gini app is trusted by more than 65,000 users and is recognised as one of the top personal finance apps in Asia.


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